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About us

The Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria is the peak industry organization representing professional Chefs, Cooks, Young Chefs, Apprentices and Culinary Students across all matters relevant to the cooking and hospitality industries.

The Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria is ran completely by Chefs, the aim of the union is to support and understand the issues that many chefs are faced with in today’s hectic industry, and to understand the many changes that are needed within our industry to raise Culinary Professionalism for the betterment of all chefs regardless of their position, category, age, ethnicity, or gender.

We participate in and advise on the establishment, maintenance and improvement of Association of Professional Chefs Nigeria Competitions.

We are committed to developing the professional skills and knowledge of our members and the broader industry through provision of workshops from industry experts, mentoring programs, industry mental health awareness, social consciousness and sustainability.

We inspire camaraderie through social and professional networking, using social media, workshops, professional functions and meetings. We are inclusive and respectful of individuals gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity and religious beliefs.

Food safety

Our food hygiene and safety training from partner at reduces the chances of food contamination or food poisoning, protecting both the public and companies’ reputation. It also covers Food safety-policies, guidelines and national laws of the occupational safety and health dept.

Our Courses are designed for low to high-risk food handlers, supervisory or management position who do come into contact with food, or those with responsibility for a critical control point – as highlighted within Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) scheme. This is a documented system of hazard analysis and hazard control. It highlights the need and ways Implement a basic food safety management system. Designed to protect food from the problems that cause illness


· Identifying possible problems

· Stopping them (or reducing their impact) before they happen

· Identifying corrective action, if a problem has already developed

· Also involves checking all stages of delivery, storage, preparation, presentation and service

Ideal for manufacturers, transporters, food processors, retailers, restaurants, caterers plus various organizations involved in the food supply chain.

Who can benefit?

The course is an excellent choice whether you have an entire company to train or just a few employees, Safety Professionals, Food and Beverages Manufacturers, Hotels and Restaurants operators, Events and Food Centre Operators, Food Transport Companies and Operators, Veterinary operators etc.

Benefits to attendees:

Learn and understand FG safety manuals on food borne diseases prevention

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System, principles and techniques with requirements for good hygiene and manufacturing practices along the food supply chains.

Workplace hygiene, food safety in public and private places, upholding industry standards in food safety technology & place of technology in food safety training

Build awareness among decision makers about current food safety challenges in Nigeria, its magnitude and the need for integrated foodborne disease surveillance and preparedness;

Foster and strengthen coordination and collaboration among public health, veterinary and food-related disciplines in the area of foodborne disease surveillance and prevention;

Foster the integration of foodborne disease and pathogen data to influence public health policy;

Promote communication and collaboration between food safety authorities.

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